ELROI is seriously committed to sustainable development through the following approach;

health_and_safetyAll work processes in Elroi is targeted at Fatality prevention and the safety of our people. Our focus is to be listed as an organisation with the Best Safety Initiatives. We strive to create a work place that is free from fatality, injuries and occupational diseases.

We direct that everyone in Elroi must take a personal responsibility for preventing injuries and occupational disease. We expect our people to come to work medically, emotionally and physically fit and to follow Health and Safety instructions seriously, bearing in mind that their actions or inactions can impact on their safety and their colleagues’ safety.

In addition we expect the same standards and procedures from all our Vendors and Contractors as we do from our employees. All third party relationships with Elroi are included in our safety performance data and we make no distinction with regards to their safety. We hand out our Safety Handbook and insist on compliance while they work with us. We also seek to influence Safety Management within our Joint Ventures and Strategic Alliances companies by receiving their existing Safety Procedures and making suggestions for improvement when necessary.

cleaning-oil-spill-2Elroi is deeply committed to Environmental protection and sustainability. In everything we do, we endeavour to minimise or mitigate any negative impact on the environment. Our processes and choices are tailored to identifying, understanding and mitigating Environmental Impact. We measure Elroi’s footprint integrating this consideration into our strategic, planning and management systems. We strive to in the following ways; ·

  • Reduce Air Emission
  • Biodiversity loss
  • Water Scarcity
  • Waste Management/Recycling
  • Energy efficiency
  • Climate Change
  • Supply Chain

nigeria_2016_0270100859At Elroi, we believe that our presence should impact positively on the communities in which we operate. We seek out, undertake and contribute to activities and programmes designed to improve quality of life for the people of these communities and this is focused on opportunities and wealth creation.

Our Socio-economic contributions are focused on education, capacity building and employment making policies that support the exclusive award of subcontracting endeavours through local procurement practice.

The communities surrounding our operations are neighbours, business partners and employees. These engagements help to secure broad based support for our activities and ensure that we respect the cultural heritage, culture and rights of the communities with whom we interact.

In Elroi, We respect the United Nations’ Universal Declaration of Human Rights and we support the UN guiding principles on business and Human Rights. In Elroi, We ensure that the following are put into prime consideration while developing policies for our people and stake holders.

  • Security for our employees
  • Gender Equality
  • Freedom of Religion/Sex
  • Sexual Harassment
  • Protection for the Physically Challenged
  • Child Labour/Slavery

In Elroi, We are committed to our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiative which generates economic benefits for the communities in which we operate and Social projects we believe in. Ultimately our commitment to give back to society what has been endowed to us; we are focused on the underprivileged in the Society with a view to helping lift them up while speaking for the voiceless. We are particularly passionate about

  • The Orphaned
  • The Widowed
  • Environment Related Issues

Please see some of our CSR activities below:


Elroi Global Services Ltd, has brought smiles to the faces of street children in Lekki, Lagos.

We had our end-of-the-year Christmas party with street children of Ikate and Jakande roundabout Lekki, Lagos.

Our Chief Executive Officer, Mrs Chinny Kennedy-Echetebu, said the programme was held to put a smile on the faces of the street kids by giving them the opportunity to share in the joy of the season.

She said Elroi, as a principle, has a lot of Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives targeted at disadvantaged persons.

Mrs Keneddy-Echetebu said: “We endeavour to initiate sustainable projects to add some value, while we trying to be a voice for widows and children especially regarding their education, and health.

“Every day, we see these children on the streets as we drive past and we are concerned; so the entire staff of Elroi voted that rather than have our office end of year party, we will party with the children and bring our world into their world and celebrate with them. This has been a most rewarding Christmas really and this what love means to us.”

She added that her team engaged the kids to find out their most pressing needs.

“It turned out that aside food, they wanted educational supplies like notebooks, pencils, biros and others; most of them attend school which was our primary concern. So we didn’t just bring food to them, we  created gift packs which contained educational supplies which was their hearts desire. Elroi Global Services also engages on other CSR/ Sustainability intitiatives which includes restoration of marketplaces, providing potable water to communities and lots more,” she revealed.

See Pictures below: