supply chain management and strategic material sourcing

ELROI believes that supply chain management is closely aligned with business strategy of our clients helping to advance business objectives and achieve sustained profitable growth. Our focus is our customer’s experiential satisfaction. At ELROI, our business strategy drives supply chain design decision which is tailored uniquely for each and every client, it is also critical to execute well on all of the tactical dimensions.

We recognise that strategic sourcing and supply chain is at the heart of outstanding performance promoting competitive advantage for our clients. ELROI is on a critical path for satisfying customers need at the same time, have significant room for improvement.

ELROI operational expertise and extensive global network with trusted Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) and buying houses have created an alliance with companies along the value chain whose operational processes and procedures are bespoke and in alignment with our business objectives to deliver on time and within schedule. Our team of highly trained and experienced personnel with the best resources available have no other focus but customer satisfaction at all cost.


  • Extensive Analysis: We investigate existing practices and processes that drive supply chain performance and adopt them and improve on them.
  • Deep Functional Expertise: We apply deep and distinctive functional expertise to help our clients overcome typical material sourcing and supply chain challenges.
  • Integrated Solutions: We integrate solutions across all operational disciplines as we aim to optimize complete system down the value chain with a lean management approach. Market and Customer Service requirements being our key drivers. ยท

“Name it……. We Will Deliver It”

  • Customised Material Sourcing / Supply Chain Principles: We customise our services and operational processes to the specific characteristics and objectives of the client or sector.

ELROI Supply Chain Management principles are very thorough starting from material sourcing stages either for production or sale, we take our time to investigate and monitor production as well as technological drivers of foot print decisions such as economies of scale, specialised benefits of production technology, and production processes international technologies to local factor cost and labour conditions ensuring compliance to standards and corporate responsibility.

ELROI optimizes the entire Value Chain, including elements like Logistics, Inventory, International trade related costs. We also support Community Relations Dialogue, tactical sequencing and communication strategies, and other wide range of practical footprint transformation best practise.

our strategic alliances